About Us


Accelerating the world’s ability to embrace cryptocurrency and utilize its value.

Cryptocamp was originally founded in 2018 by a group of Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who aimed to create a simple website that would teach and empower others to learn cryptocurrency. The goal is to prove that cryptocurrency does not need to scare people because it sounded complex and incomprehensible – terms like token, wallet, exchange, ICO, and so forth.

We built this site in order to pursue a long term outlook on cryptocurrency. We want to introduce cryptocurrency to the world by providing a new or different perspective to digital (potential) asset holders.

At Cryptocamp, it is our belief that the faster the world embraces digital asset technology, the more effective money can be for all of humanity.

All the world's cryptocurrency news in one place. Easily digestible.

Our Values

We place our confidence in these pillars as we contribute to the future.


Continually growing, we enhance the website and community with a scholastic approach, bringing intelligence to each product, design, and procedure.


We pursue our mission and make decisions with conviction. Upholding integrity in every action is in the DNA of our organization.


Across our website, the cryptocurrency industry and the globe, we aim to enhance the lives of our website users through reliable products and services.